Friday, September 2, 2016

Far Farther YET so Near to my HEART...

23rd April,2016
 The day we left home... lots of wishes and expectations started with the journey to meet u n be with u... But the fate I blame it coz every thing turned upside down cuz u had left us by then when we were not even half the way. I know... I could have made it but my luck didn't favor me n i couldn't even had a last word with u... And its piercing me within when I think about it... I repent for not being a good daughter , a daughter of ur expectations... N I repent too for i wasn't able to make it to u... In life I have learnt many lessons now that love isn't everything. Rather, along with love life.... should be gifted with money n healthy life too... Then only life can be a easier for the one n the family n ME, i was not able to afford that too... Apa... U have been guiding me n now when u aren't here, I know not what to do. Whose gonna teach me n guide me now through my thick n my thin??? Will I be able to make it??? No, I can't ... I can't... Apa, I miss u every now n then ... Be it when m smiling, crying or working... Cuz I still can hear ur voice n turn to see...only to see n then realize that u r too far too hear ur voice yet in my heart from where u calling me ... How can I workout everything... Apa... Apa... I m really missing u... I wish I was a angel for u to help u out in everything... You brought me to this world n though, in gratification I gave u pains n pains... U suffered a lot I know but dull me knowingly i had no way to help u out though I knew ur problems... But I do appreciate ur guts n the perseverance u had showed n put in ur work to mould the life of the family smooth... A father like u can no children get, I know... So Apa, remembering u has become easy that I do it everyday cuz u r forever in my heart. But MISSING u is a pain, a heartache that never goes away... N sorry Apa, I m letting u down coz I never can be strong enough to accept that u are no longer here. ���☹ � �Please God hear my cry n my prayers... Let my father be in peace in death though� I love u Apa n will always do... I m sorry I let u down...���

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Miss you Bhu- my son

My son. He is only 2 years and is too small to be away from parents.But i had to...

Dear son,         

Sorry my son for you have to be apart from us and it because my dear, Mama can't quit the job. My son, may be it is due to our karmic deed that you and i are staying away but don't worry my son i will always come to see you in weekends. Remember, mama  loves you a lot. 

I always feel guilty of keeping my son away but what to do?  Though we tried our best to search for the baby sitter, it was of no good result and landed up in keeping him away from us. But this does not mean, i am  worried about him because he is with my parents and it's for sure that he's doing good. However i am doing a sin by keeping the baby away from mother and moreover,he is  my heart and without it , it's painful. And may be he is too feeling the same pain.
Really i miss my son a lot and every time i come home, the house seems very quiet , which i am not used to  it. Thats why i come home lately from School. 
My son, when he was  here, he ran here and there calling us apa and ama requesting for this and that. Apart from disturbing us, he also loves watching animated movies like Chota bheem, waybulu, teletubbies, Mr Bean and Mighty Raju. So,as soon as he wakes up, he wants us to put on the T.V and show him the cartoons he likes but sometimes lands up crying if none of the shows are shown and that used to make me irritated and annoyed but now, when he is not here, his absence is killing me. I regret for being rude to him...
Finally, the only thing i can  do now is keep on missing him and moreover I also must not stop searching a baby sitter. But I will also not miss the chance to meet him every weekend.
I Pray we be together...

Friday, September 21, 2012

Way to Sikkim

I hate travelling but land up travelling a lot. And last time on 17th september i left for SIkkim, which i intended not to but due to repeated calling of my heart i decided to go. It was because the God i worship resides there and yes, definitely he is "Dhodup Rinpochhe"

so, when we were leaving for Sikkim, what a unfortunate it was because the taxi we hired was of no good condition and the driver gave no damn to it. We were 8 of us and the driver was the nosiest. He was driving with one hand and another was kept very busy with his mobile which he didn't give any rest. he also was stopping time and again making us nausea. the most hatest part was the taxi we were travelling in broke off after crossing Baghpul. the reason was stiring had broken and the tyre was bubbling.

hence we land up stopping there but due to grace of God we were lucky to get another taxi and 8 of us were adjusted in it. altogether there were 21 people including driver.

really we are very thankful to that driver who reached us there to Sikkim. however it is sad to know the driver there donot hesitate carrying more than the required number of passengers. Also the driver earlier was driving and talking in the phone too which is also not allowed. And when i compare it with our country, i  feel very proud because i haven't met any driver yet going against the law. Hence i would like to THUMPS UP! to those following the laws strictly because its for our own good and other too.

And after reaching to Sikkim, every thing went smoothly but due to reaching lately i had to extend my casual leave from 2days  to 3days. But i regret not because i have the blessing of my God  and  he will therefore make every thing  go well and  also i am always sure that He is always there for me...

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

What I do...

Kamji Middle Secondary School lies in between the highway of Phuentsholing and Gedu. It falls under Chhukha Dzongkhag and had been one amongst the best school, where every parents try to seek admission. But I just want to share some of the responsibilities I have been appointed for being a part of the school, viz; 1. Staff secretary
                                                 2. Photography Incharge       
                                                 3. Health Incharge
To speak about these responsibilities:
1.      Staff secretary: to co-ordinate the meeting and keep the minutes of meeting, arrange the gatherings by sending notices, any collection of money especially from Teachers, and maintain the cleanliness of the staff room.

2.      Photography club Incharge: I started this club in 2011 with my camera mainly to generate fund to add the fund for the student support service but before that I bought a camera (for the school) after generating a good amount. The students of my club helps me in snapping photos but before that I give some basic information on how to use(browsed from the net) and also teach them to make some simple frames. Since then I have been the club’s incharge.

3.      Health incharge:  since 2012 I have been the incharge and we are two i.e., for boys and girls as our school is boarding school. As far as possible I tried to seek help from various colleagues and other friend on how to have a healthy school. And I have tried my best my conducting health session for girls and the smaller kid on various important issues or topics.  So, today (4th September,2012) I conducted a health session  to smaller kids (class PP- V) to create awareness on nutritional deficiency stressing more on the following:
i.                    Ill effects of Junk foods
ii.                  Healthy food habit
iii.                Hand washing and maintaining the cleanliness
iv.                Usage of toilets
v.                  Boiled water.
Hence, the above mentioned are the responsibilities I have taken and I give my full effort to carry out the responsibilities successfully and try to initiate the activities related effectively with support of everyone in the school because I consider seeking help provides many good experiences.

Monday, September 3, 2012


“Hard work is the key to success” and this is all known. So many people try their best for the success but if it’s credited to others then it’s like a Bhutanese saying, “La yak ghi bay, kay Bjob ghi chap”. Meaning the work is done by yak but it’s Bjobs who tells that it’s done by them. Likewise if the effort is put by someone and instead the credit goes to another then the perseverance in people will definitely be lost.
The success is very sweet and that is why people put their full effort even if they know that the route is going to be very rough and difficult. And never would these people want their effort to be the success of others instead. But I should say that there is no wrong in it if the others are benefiting due to someone’s effort and success.
Why do people work hard? For sure, it is to have a sweet reaping fruit considering being their success first. But no doubt that if the credit is gone to other than the person who initiated then it would lead to the sadness and dispiriting for the person concerned.
So, this is all I want to urge that if we want our life to be successful then we should put effort by ourselves than by trying to embezzle others effort because am sure the success from others will be of short term and that we would not like  or want to have.

Friday, August 24, 2012

I Love You....

I tried hard, hard to gain his love and affection but every time i tried my perseverance are to no avail. I trust you and love you and of all i worship you. I know, we are the blacksheep of the family causing problem every now and then, making family's life hard but speaking from heart, "I just try to seek some help and support with love you but land up pressurizing you".
Sometimes i wonder, " should i suicide" but i have my son and i love him a lot too. Though it is hard for me to do any hard things and of all i can't bear him saying, "every time one or the other is giving problem. I know not what have i done in my past generation. seems my suffering will stop only if I die".
Words so heart stricken, isn't it? But we deserve it cause he is tired. He can't carry the burden so very long.But these black sheep never stop adding fuel on fire.
I really do want to be a person of his happiness but instead sadness prevails in his life.
But now let me take an oath saying; "hence forth no more torture from my side nor will i also let others have him suffer and i promise I will try my Best, I SWEAR  BECAUSE  I LOVE YOU MY DAD....