Friday, September 2, 2016

Far Farther YET so Near to my HEART...

23rd April,2016
 The day we left home... lots of wishes and expectations started with the journey to meet u n be with u... But the fate I blame it coz every thing turned upside down cuz the nearer we were coming, further u went... U had left us by then when we were not even half the way. I know... I could have made it but my luck didn't favor me n i couldn't even had a last word with u... And its piercing me within when I think about it... I repent for not being a good daughter , a daughter of ur expectations... N I repent too for i wasn't able to make it to u... In life I have learnt many lessons now that love isn't everything. Rather, along with love life.... should be gifted with money n healthy life too... Then only life can be a easier for the one n the family n ME, i was not able to afford that too... Apa... U have been guiding me n now when u aren't here, I know not what to do. Whose gonna teach me n guide me now through my thick n my thin??? Will I be able to make it??? No, I can't ... I can't... Apa, I miss u every now n then ... Be it when m smiling, crying or working... Cuz I still can hear ur voice n turn to see...only to see n then realize that u r too far too hear ur voice yet in my heart from where u calling me ... How can I workout everything... Apa... Apa... I m really missing u... I wish I was a angel for u to help u out in everything... You brought me to this world n though, in gratification I gave u pains n pains... U suffered a lot I know but dull me knowingly i had no way to help u out though I knew ur problems... But I do appreciate ur guts n the perseverance u had showed n put in ur work to mould the life of the family smooth... A father like u can no children get, I know... So Apa, remembering u has become easy that I do it everyday cuz u r forever in my heart. But MISSING u is a pain, a heartache that never goes away... N sorry Apa, I m letting u down coz I never can be strong enough to accept that u are no longer here. ���☹ � �Please God hear my cry n my prayers... Let my father be in peace in death though� I love u Apa n will always do... I m sorry I let u down...���

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